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Fiona Kearney

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In 2017, after dancing professionally for over a decade, I trained in Swedish massage to the highest level with The Complementary Therapy School achieving distinction at SQCF level 8.

Having danced since the age of 3, I have a huge interest in physiology and a passion for supporting people to get the best out of their muscles and body. I often work with clients who work in the arts and it goes without saying that dancers and musicians need to treat their body like an instrument and keep their muscles functioning effectively to serve them throughout their careers. But this is not unique to artists. Everyone deserves to give their body some care and attention; from parents who spend all day running after young children, to people working long hours at a desk.

We function best when we care for our whole self. I believe regular body work goes a long way to allowing us to operate at our best. I also feel that massage therapy can be seen not just as a luxury or to ease pain once it arises. Regular massage can be a preventative measure, stopping issues developing in the first place. Taking care of our bodies will not only ease muscle tension and relieve stress, it will help to find a balance of body and mind and improve our quality of life. I enjoy supporting people to take the time they deserve for themselves and I love that people leave my treatment room feeling better than when they arrived.

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The Space

MatchaMind Edinburgh

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Muscle Maintenance Massage is based at MatchaMind Edinburgh at 19 Brighton Place, Portobello. We have a lovely treatment room within the shop. 

It has been wonderful getting established in Portobello. I am so pleased to have had numerous reports of feeling relief from tension and stress, aiding in injury rehabilitation and easing chronic pain conditions in my regular clients. It is so evident that regular massage can be of huge benefit! 


MatchaMind Edinburgh

We have a collective of health and wellness businesses working out of MatchaMind Edinburgh. We are building an exciting hub where you can find massage therapy, mind and wellness coaching, meditation practices, nutrition sessions and Scotland's first Matcha Tea Bar aimed at improving gut health and overall wellbeing. Please find more information on all the exciting plans and services at

As well as a huge variety of Matcha Tea blends, the shop has a whole host of healthy snacks and nutritious offerings all made with natural products aimed at supporting gut health. Muscle Maintenance Massage clients can receive 10% off products from the shop.

You can read about MatchaMind founder, Zoe McKenna's journey with gut issues and how discovering the wealth of benefits from Matcha Tea helped her to heal herself here.

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