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Movement Meditation Classes

A 50-minute class to connect with your body and mind leaving you relaxed and revived. A mix of gentle stretching, massage work, breathwork and movement. Completely individual for each person, it can be as calm and smooth or as boistrous and invigorating as you need on the day. No dance or meditation experience necessary!


Dance and movement have always been a part of my life which is possibly why I have struggled with meditation (too much sitting still!) In 2020, I found myself, like many others, looking inwards and digging deep to try and deal with how difficult it felt living through the chaos of the pandemic. I practiced a lot of yoga and meditation which helped hugely but I felt like there was something missing. Half-way through a meditation, I needed to jump up and move & shake my body around - Controversial, I know! But by doing this, and using movement as the missing link, I found it far easier to 'quieten' my mind.


 From this experience I developed a series of sessions involving a mixture of movement, massage and visualisation tools aiming to soothe the nervous system, find a flow and have some fun! Each class will have a different series of activities including some self massage, gentle stretching, connecting with the breath, free movement and visualisations.

Dancer in Sunset

No experience necessary. All ages and abilities welcome. All you need to bring is comfy clothing, water and a yoga mat (if you have one, if not, it can be provided). Classes will be small with no more than 8 participants.

Classes will be available in the coming months. Please check back here or send me an email if you are interested and I'll keep you up to date with the class timetable when it's ready.

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